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This is what I do.

My passion is Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. I've been working in BI for the last 20 years. Before that I was a .NET managed code developer... and before that someone who might be considered a Data Scientist -- before the term became popular.

Update: Gartner has coined a new term "Citizen Data Scientist" which I believe fits. A "Citizen Data Scientist" is an experienced business intelligence (BI) analyst who extracts predictive and prescriptive insights from data while not being as technically skilled as an expert data scientist. Citizen data scientists occupy a hybrid, boundary-spanning role, not a distinct stand-alone position in the organization. Read more from the link below!

Gartner: Essential Skills for Citizen Data Scientists Published 13 March 2020 - ID G00716448

I love to use data to help solve real business problems. I believe it's something I do well. I have a background in Business, Statistics and Technology. I really love when I can combine different skills to help drive a solution.

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They say "you are what you eat!" I think "you are what you read!" See what's on my virtual bookshelf! Note: This is a small sample of my personal library. Professionals should always be learning and applying new skills!

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