Business Intelligence is Evolving!

Dashboards and KPI's drive business success.

Posted by Eric Frayer on June 1, 2017

The past 5 years have seen significant changes in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Analytics. The speed of technology adoption has forced many organizations to evaluate and adapt business strategies. This rapid change also impacts how they are planning and building their Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

In 2012, I read an article by Jane Griffin in Information Management. The article was helpful in my decision to come and work for Qlik. Qlik has always been a disruptive player in the Data Discovery and Data Visualization space. A "Leader" in the Gartner BI Magic Quadrant the last 6 years, Qlik is continually delivering on Customer needs and market demands.

Griffin identified a number of emerging trends:
- Data Visualization
- Mobility
- Competitive Edge
- Big Data
- Agile and New Tools

The newest emerging trend is Self-Service BI. The trend of 'Self-Service' enables business users to access their corporate data, discover trends and make informed decisions by having a controlled access to the data.

The big three Qlik, Power BI and Tableau all support Data Visualization, Mobile and presenting Big Data. It will be interesting to see which one wins out in the next few years.

I'll speak more to the trends identified in future posts!

Stay tuned!

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