Statistical Packages and Data Analytics

Using SAS, SPSS and R for advanced analytics.

Posted by Eric Frayer Updated Sept 21, 2019

Here are a few links to data analysis samples using R, SPSS and SAS JMP. Please note: these are just sample projects.

In late 2018-2019, I worked on a Credit Scoring Model. Following the methodology presented in Naeem Siddiqi's "Intelligent Credit Scoring" I used data from Experian and worked on a model which out performed FICO. I don't want to share the details of model (proprietary), but I can share how a similar model can be built using a "bank loan" dataset from IBM.

The variables selected are the same in the SAS, SPSS and R output presented below. I'm working on adding a Python version. I'll also post more to my blog explaining the output and how to interpret the results.

I can share the whitepaper I authored with additional information.

SAS JMP - Version 14

SPSS Bank Loan Model

SPSS - Statistics 25

SPSS Bank Loan Model

R, R Studio and Rattle!

R Notebook Bank Loan Model